make a residential community more appealing with a dog park

Ways to Make Your Residential Community More Appealing

Choosing where to live is one of the most important decisions we make. We look at a number of factors like crime rate, where the community is located, and what amenities they offer. Improving the amenities your community has will lead to more applications since you will now stand out from other places in the area. And that increase will improve your occupancy rate and ultimately pave the way for rent increases.

So what do residents want? Here are some of the amenities that residents look for in a new community, and our team is ready to help you start planning them.

make a residential community more appealing with a dog park


If your apartment community is pet-friendly, those pets will need an outside area to play! Having a dedicated dog park is a big perk and will save the rest of your grass from dog-related damages.


A walkable apartment complex is a huge win for residents who want to exercise outside of the gym. If you have the ability, think about a wooded trail on your property. If not, clean and apartment-wide sidewalks will do the trick.


Your community entrance is the first thing prospective residents will see, and it’s also the face of your community online. Attractive signage and some well-designed landscapes or hardscapes can give you an edge over the competition.


A pool is one of the top things people look for when choosing a new apartment or residential community, but it’s not only about the pool. Other amenities can make this area stand out, like grills or fire pits, picnic areas for summer cookouts, and cabanas.


Being able to sit outdoors (almost) year-round is one of the best parts about living in the south. I, for one, can’t wait to enjoy my coffee outside on cool fall mornings. Adding some benches or seating throughout your property allows your residents to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy their community a little more.


Let’s not forget the value of living plants! If you don’t have the acreage needed to add a dog park, at least make sure there is some green space throughout your property. The dogs need it, and it’s also aesthetically pleasing, as are flowers. How we feel about the property can mean everything, so make sure people walk away from touring your property thinking of the complex as a lovely place to call home.


Your residents want to feel safe in their homes and when walking around the property. One way to ensure they feel safe is to keep the area well-lit.

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