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How to Create an Award-Winning Commercial Landscape

Every year the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) awards commercial landscapes throughout the country. These awards are given to residential and commercial landscaping projects of all sizes and take a number of things into account.

The NALP has revealed some of the things they look for and what all of their award-winning commercial properties have in common. If you’ve wondered if your property is up to par or if you’re looking to make some improvements, here is what they think you should focus on.


Landscaping & architecture that compliment each other

The design and color choice should be cohesive throughout the property, and the landscaping should be the right scale for your building(s). After all, the purpose of landscaping is really to compliment a property, not to overshadow it.

The building’s front entrance

This is the first thing people will see of your building (including the NALP!) so it should be an entrance that welcomes visitors and creates a positive first impression. A good mix of hardscaping and landscaping that are well-maintained is best.

Seating & walkways that guide behavior

There should be benches or other seating where you want your guests to linger and no seating where you don’t want them. Walking can be encouraged with sidewalks that are clean and guide traffic appropriately, while graded barriers can be used to discourage walking.

Grounds that are well-maintained

The grass should be green, with no bald or brown spots. Flower beds should be weeded. Shrubbery and trees should be pruned appropriately so they aren’t overgrown. This kind of regular maintenance shows a dedication to your property that the NALP will certainly notice.

The 2016 NALP winners are shown on their website if you’re looking for some inspiration. But one thing to remember, and something that’s fairly common among the award-winning landscapes, is that their design is the right one for them. There’s no point in creating an elaborate landscape if you won’t be able to maintain it or if it doesn’t fit aesthetically with your property.

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