Hardscapes & Amenities

Commercial Hardscape Landscaping

Pipeline offers a variety of hardscapes and amenities from outdoor living spaces to water features and entry monuments. We have experience installing picnic areas, trellises, arbors, pavilions, dog parks, patios, fire pits, fireplaces, seat walls, benches, columns, entry monuments, signage, and more.

Hardscaping is a way to make an outdoor space truly beautiful. If lawn care (like mowing and mulching) is like getting a haircut, hardscaping is like permanently dying and restyling your hair. We can completely alter the look of your property by concrete paving, patio paving, laying stones, landscaping, adding outdoor furniture, and our countless other services.

Pipeline can do just about anything you need done more quickly and efficiently than the competition. Whether you want to be deeply involved in the process or just give instructions and let us do our thing, we’ll make sure your hardscape project gets done according to the specifications you lay out.

Outdoor Amenity Design

How We Approach Hardscaping

We begin with concepts and designs and move into engineering and permitting. Whether we start the project with a basic concept from the customer or a detailed design, we have done enough hardscape design to figure out exactly what to do. We know the ins and outs of area requirements, so you won’t have to worry about that.

Depending on the project we may install footers and pour concrete before laying block and the outer veneer (brick, stone, marble, tile, etc.). We’ll add lighting and signage to monuments, with signage ranging from sign foam to pin-mounted letters and beyond. For water features, we carefully handle all plumbing and electrical work. Our employees handle every project as if it was for their own home: with great care and dedication.

Not sure how to design your dream patio or outdoor kitchen? No problem! We hold a full unlimited General Contracting license and can help you from design through permitting and construction. If you can dream it, our team can build it! Your project is limited only by your imagination.