When you own a commercial space, especially one open to the public, you’re always thinking about ways to improve the property. That’s because the way your business looks from the outside can have a huge effect on customer perception before they even get inside, or even worse, it can keep them from ever getting inside. Not to mention, a great looking property with a high volume of customers will attract top companies to fill those empty storefronts. Here are some ways to enhance your retail center or mixed-use commercial property.

Outdoor Seating

Shaded seating areas give people a place to rest as they continue to enjoy the shops and restaurants, which encourages them to stay even longer. In addition to that seating, having designated smoking areas means both smoking and non-smoking customers are able to comfortably enjoy the property.


Shopping Center Landscaping - Commercial Landscaping

Bike Racks

As consumers become more environmentally focused, many people have started to turn to green transportation. A bike rack ensures they have a safe place to store their bike while they’re inside enjoying the shops and restaurants.

Water Features

Have you ever noticed that in shopping centers or commercial areas tend to attract a lot of people? Not only are they visually appealing, but they make for a great place to sit, eat, and talk.

Water Fountain in Town Square - Commercial LandscapingUpdate Signage

If your signage hasn’t been changed since you moved into your location, it may be time for an update. While you’re updating, consider adding water features, rock work, new lighting features, and vibrant plants.

Add or Update Landscaping

Even a small retail center can benefit from landscaping. Take the buildings shown below. Making the most of the small amount of space they had, they chose trees, bushes, and flowers that would liven up an otherwise bland parking lot.

Landscaped Parking Lot - Commercial Landscaping

Landscaped Parking Lot - Commercial Landscaping




In addition to being well-lit, the path needs to be well maintained. Broken concrete or stones that are easy to trip over can create some safety concerns. While you’re improving the paths you already have, consider adding some extras. Planters and lighting can actually work to direct the flow of traffic in larger centers.



Better landscaping can improve the rental rates of your property and increase foot traffic, so if you’ve got a strip mall at half occupancy, these suggestions may do the trick. Give us a call and let us help you make your landscaping dreams come true.