Landscaping is just like every other industry—things come in and out of style, and you want to be ahead of the trends. Here are some of the landscaping and hardscaping trends HGTV suggests considering when designing your backyard project, along with a few we’ve noticed recently—

Weather-tolerant, low maintenance plants

Designs are now focusing on durable perennials that can survive hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters. This kind of design is more sustainable and, ultimately, more cost-effective.

Fruits, vegetables, and herbs

No longer reserved for a backyard garden, edible plants are now being displayed front and center alongside ornamental plants.

High-quality, natural materials

Investing in well-made materials will ensure a longer life for your designs. This is also

Replacing a more elaborate or “showy” landscape design.

Water features

Let’s be honest, water features have never really gone away. Though they can range from subtle and inexpensive to elaborate and costly, they’re always a nice addition to any yard.

Outdoor living space for kids and adults 

Backyards aren’t just a place for a grill and plastic chairs anymore. With the help of outdoor fabrics and a talented hardscape designer, you can create full outdoor living spaces that add value and enjoyment to your home. This space is also a great opportunity to blend an area for kids and adults, incorporating yard games, sandboxes, or jungle gyms.

Bees, birds, and chickens?

As you can tell by now, earth-friendly designs are in! In addition to adding fruits and veggies and natural materials, many homeowners are adding a place for animals in their yard. Birdhouses, bee yards, and chicken coups are becoming more and more common.


Think beyond fireplaces and fire pits! Fire is now being added to tables, bowls, and water features to create an interesting aesthetic, add light, and increase warmth.


Shade sails, awnings, umbrellas, and patio covers can be life savers in the hot summer months, especially here in the Carolinas. Adding shade to your yard gives you a place to retreat to once you’ve had a little too much sun or if you’re dealing with those afternoon showers.