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Soil Dryer

We at Pipeline know how important it is to keep your equipment moving and your projects on schedule. That’s why we use the Soil Dryer 6 to dry your soil instead of waiting on Mother Nature to dry it for us. The Soil Dryer 6 has been proven to be quicker and more cost effective than any other solution on the market today, and Pipeline is the exclusive dealer for the Soil Dryer 6.

Reduction from 20.5% to 16.7% Moisture in Soil in 1.5 Hours

% Moisture in Soil Clay & Top Soil Mix 4/23/2015 59* F, 23% Humidity, 12MPH Wind 100% Heat on Pass 1-4 at 6″ Soil Depth 25% Heat on Pass 5-6 at 6″ Soil Depth

Reduction from 25.5% to 15.1% Moisture in Soil

% Moisture in Soil Brown, Clayey Silt with some Sand 7/25/2016 Natural Moisture (0 Pass) = 25.5% Moisture (Optimum Moisture 14.4%) 25% Heat on Pass 1 = 24.3% Moisture 10% Heat on Pass 2 = 19.1% Moisture Fan on Pass 3 = 15.1% Moisture

Our state of the art soil drying unit can dry 8” to 12” of dirt at a time to compaction standards. With a heavy duty tilling unit followed by a 6 million BTU Propane burner and 2 forced air fans, we can dry any dirt on your site to keep your equipment and crews productive year-round. We also offer Track Dryers for rent or purchase to dry hard surfaces such as stone, concrete, and asphalt.