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Whether you have a design or you would like for us to design a landscape for you, our team of landscape professionals are ready to help you every step of the way.  From the simplest installation or renovation to the most complex, we can help you make your vision a reality.  We consult with each customer – listening to ensure that we can tailor our service to meet their needs and preferences.  Have a problem area? Too wet, too dry, too shady?  Our team has the solution.  On a budget? We can help you meet it or develop a plan to install your landscape in priority order.  Don’t like a certain tree or shrub?  We can help with alternates.  Want to highlight an area or insure a variety of shapes and colors to add interest each season? We can help with that too.  We can even help keep pesky deer and insects away with the proper selections.

We pride ourselves in spending the time upfront to make sure we are on the same page with our customers and that every aspect of our proposal is transparent.

Our landscaping installations include bio retention, dry or wet ponds, buffers and screenings, pools and parks, entrances, roadways, water features, planters, foundation, and decorative plantings to meet every need.  Whether you like a formal, structured garden or a free, flowing natural look and feel we can make it happen.

We work with the areas leading landscape providers to make sure we are getting the best material for the best price.  You can even pick out your own material if you’d like or if it’s more convenient, we can do it for you.  Many of our projects require shipment of large quantities of material direct from the nurseries.  In those cases, we can arrange for you to visit the nursery and tag your material to be shipped when needed.  We guarantee we will meet the specifications we have agreed on.

Our team will prepare the beds and soil, layout and install shrubs, annuals and/or perennials then make those stand out with sod and mulch.

Nothing makes a project standout like landscaping.  When you drive by a shopping center, house or entrance to a development – what is the first thing you see?  The landscaping.  The landscape is what grabs your attention and invites you in.  Landscape adds value to your project dollar for dollar.  You can never go wrong with an investment in landscaping.  Not only does it add monetary value but it adds beauty and enjoyment to the space and can take your living and entertaining area to a whole new level.

Interested in more than just landscaping – add a paver patio, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, water feature or arbor.   Checkout our hardscape services to find out about these services and more.  Want to highlight your landscape day and night? Checkout our low voltage lighting services.  Irrigation saves money and time by making sure your landscape gets just the right amount of water at just the right times – no over or under watering.  Don’t have time to maintain your landscape? Let us take care of it for you.  We can meet your landscape needs no mater what they may be.

Irrigation & Lighting


Our irrigation professionals are experienced with design, installation, troubleshooting, and repair.  We offer a variety of solutions to meet any need.  Our systems range from the most basic to the most elaborate on the market.  We install everything from general coverage with drip for plant beds and sprays to rotors for turf areas to segregated coverage designed to specifically water each area in your landscape according to its individual needs.  We would be happy to design an irrigation system for you tailored to your needs and budget.  We work with all of the leading irrigation products and manufacturers to leverage the best materials on the market.  Our irrigation controllers range from small, simple residential controllers to large, complex controllers that allow remote monitoring and management and use of rainfall data to adjust watering cycles automatically.  We offer integrated weather stations and soil sensors.  We offer both traditional and two wire systems depending on the size of your project we can help you determine which method is best for you.

Your investment in irrigation will ensure that your landscape gets just the right amount of water at the right time.  We offer spring startup and winter shutdown along with our annual maintenance services.  If you have an area that is not working, a broken head or pipe, or just need some assistance with your system, then our irrigation technicians can help with that.  Our technicians are trained in locating broken wires, debugging issues, and repairing systems to keep them working their best.

Irrigation systems help you protect your landscaping investment while minimizing your the impact to your water bill.  There are many water sources that can be used for your irrigation system – domestic water tap / meter, reclaimed water, well, pond or a mixture of these.  We can help you assess the options and associated fees to get the most for your hard earned dollars.  Once you have selected a source, your irrigation system will save you money by coming on at night when evaporation is low, running just the right amount of time and only when needed.  You can easily adjust watering days, times, etc.  Once you’ve established your watering schedule you can rest assured that your plants will get the water they need to survive and thrive.  There are even systems that let you manage and monitor your irrigation right from your smart device provided you have wi-fi access at the controller.


Lighting can make your landscape sparkle day or night.  Whether you need path lighting, deck or stair lighting, or want to highlight the features of your home and landscape at night, we can help. Lighting not only adds to the curb appeal of your property but also lights those dark corners at night to make your areas safer.  No more coming home to a dark house at night.  We offer basic fixtures and a variety of the markets most unique decorative fixtures to accent your landscapes.  Maybe you want to light the corners of your home, a tree, walk or patio or maybe you want to add ambiance to your outdoor entertaining areas.  Low voltage lighting is made for the outdoors.  It uses little power and can be turned on / off with a photo cell or timer.  String lights, lanterns, down lights shining down from your trees or arbor all make great additions to light your patio, fire pit, or yard.  Want that backyard oasis?  Pools are another great area for lighting and landscape.  With the right landscaping and lighting you can turn your pool into a true tropical escape.  Let us show you how to make our outdoor spaces an extension of your indoor living space year round, day or night.

Hardscapes & Amenities

Pipeline offers a variety of hardscapes and amenities.  From outdoor living spaces to water features and entry monuments.  We have installed picnic areas, trellises, arbors, pavilions, dog parks, patios, fire pits, fireplaces, seat walls, benches, columns, entry monuments, signage and more.  We hold a full unlimited GC license and can help you from design through permitting, construction and beyond. Our masons are experienced with a variety of materials including tile, granite, marble, brick, block, stone (natural and cultured), paver systems and retaining block.  From simple columns to water walls and waterfalls we can make your vision a reality.  If you can dream it our team can build it!  Want a stream to meander through your property, a walk bridge or maybe a pond?   You’ve come to the right place.  Your project is limited only by your imagination.

Masonry starts with the right base – whether that means providing a solid base for pavers, proper grading and drainage, or footers to anchor a wall or monument – we take care to ensure that our construction is solid from the ground up.  Detail is important with any hardscape, as it’s the detail that makes one project stand out from another.  A mason knows the importance of a good level as even the slightest deviation in your horizontal and/or vertical lines stand out in hardscapes.  When laying brick, mortar joints should be clean, straight and consistent.  Placing stone is like constructing a puzzle – each piece must be fitted with the next carefully.  Watching these projects as they rise out the ground is like watching a sculpture and a fine piece of art.  Each project is unique and special to us and our customers.  We take pride in each step from start to finish.

A typical project begins with concepts and designs, moves thru engineering and then on to permitting.   Our managers know the ins and outs of all the area requirements related to engineering standards for our hardscapes and signage and can guide you to help your permitting go smoothly.  Once permitted, the base is prepared and construction begins.  If footers are needed, we dig, place rebar, request and pass inspections and then pour concrete.  After that, block is laid and finally the outer veneer is placed (brick, stone, marble, tile, etc.).  Our team has years of experience with custom projects.  Most masons can work on a straight, flat wall but it takes experience to construct custom hardscapes.   For monuments, lighting and signage are typical components.  Our signage ranges from sign foam to pin mounted letters and beyond.  We install fountains and under water lighting.  For water features, all plumbing and electrical are cared for – pumps are set, drains, overflows, piping and wiring.  Our landscape crews can accent your hardscapes with the right plant material to transform its surroundings.  Whether you need pond plantings, annual color,  grasses or shrubs and trees – our landscape install crews are available to complete your project.


Owning, storing and maintaining lawn equipment is costly, not to mention the fuel and your time.  Wouldn’t you rather let us do that for you and maintain your lawn too? Whether you are in love with the look of freshly striped green grass or beautiful annual flowers, our maintenance team can help your property stand out among the rest. Our maintenance packages range from full service to basic weekly mowing.  We can save you time and money maintaining your landscape. Our weekly mowing package includes mowing, edging along bed edges and hard surfaces, weed eating around structures, bed edges, hard surfaces and trees, as well as blowing off hard surfaces when we are done. We leave your lawn manicured throughout the mowing season allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors.

If you are interested in a full service package – we can also prune, weed beds, apply chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides), install mulch or pine straw, remove leaves, replace annuals, startup and shutdown your irrigation system and service your outdoor lighting each year.  Let us create the package that is right for you and your budget or purchase services a la carte.  We work with owners and Property Management companies to maintain residential and commercial properties, as well as properties for Homeowner’s Associations all over North and South Carolina – we’d love to add yours to our list.  We can maintain your home, common areas, or your entire development.

In addition to our maintenance packages, our team can assist you with enhancements, upgrades and replacements to keep your landscape updated throughout the years. Maybe your mulch has built up and needs to be removed before adding new this year or maybe your shrubs have died or are overgrown – we can help. Does your signage need to be updated?  Do your light bulbs need to be replaced?  Is your irrigation system not performing and needing work? Water feature or pond needing maintenance?  We are your one stop shop for maintenance and landscaping needs.

Some areas may not need as much attention as others.  We can schedule monthly or less frequent maintenance for those areas as well.  This includes maintaining buffers, bio-retention ponds and areas that need brush cutting. Keeping your properties free of trash and debris, doggie stations serviced and homeowners happy is our job.  Our crews pay attention to the details and let you know if something needs attention. Landscaping is a year round project – we will give you tips and suggestions with each coming season to help you stay ahead of the game.

Our crews are easy to spot in their safety green logo’d company shirts and our logo’d trucks. We are considerate of the fact that we are taking care of your property and careful to treat it as we would our own.    If you have questions or concerns, our managers are never far away and are quick to schedule a time to assist. Let us show you what our service is all about.

Turnkey Solutions

Our team brings a wide variety and decades of experience with landscape projects, as well as a passion for helping our customers each step of the way. We have staff knowledgeable of local plant material, hardscapes, irrigation and lighting that assist you in determining what will best meet your needs even before the first designs are drawn. From design concepts and drawings, to budgets, to installation and maintenance, our team is there for you every step of the way.

Other (Additional services)

Beyond these services, Pipeline can help you with fine grading, drainage, seeding, wheat strawing, sodding, pine needles and mulch, pressure washing, concrete walks and pads, fencing, street washing, tree and debris removal and many other construction related projects. If you can imagine it we can landscape it. If it’s outside your walls, we have a team of professionals ready to finish the job.