I’m a California boy who migrated east after high school to attend Elon College,  later moving to NC State where I studied Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. While in school at NC State I worked with a local nursery where I was able to experience a variety of plant material, especially those native to the South East Region, and learned how to properly care for each species. This included lighting and soil requirements, potting, planting, watering, feeding, growing, pruning, and treating pests and diseases. Coupling this knowledge with my design coursework allows me to draw designs to meet the needs of each project or area, from shaded or wet areas to drought and pest tolerant, making the survivability much greater than most landscape designs today. I enjoy the creativity and beautification my designs bring to a project. As my career has grown over the past  35 years, my skills have expanded from nursery management and design to meeting with clients and estimating. I have managed the installation of many projects but some of the most notable are those I managed for Duke University, including the French Science Building, Bryan Center Plaza, Duke Law School, and renovations at the Duke Gardens: main pedestrian entrance, south lawn, Memorial Garden, Terraces, Terrace overlook, and more. These projects range in size from small to multi-million dollar, and come with letters of recommendation from Duke University’s Campus Landscape Architect and Executive Director. Not only can I design and manage but I can also operate all the necessary equipment to assist my crew in the installation, if needed. Landscape construction is what I enjoy both at work and at home. My family is my pride and joy – everything I do, I do for them.