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Alan Smith

Sales and Customer Relations

I get the pleasure of saying I started all this. Having worked in irrigation for over 5 years, I decided it was time to be my own boss. Pipeline Irrigation was launched in June of 2001 with a single crew, one contract, a truck, a trailer, a dingo, and my laptop. You might say I was young, dumb, and stupid, but determined to succeed. Beginning this journey I never could have imagined the twists and turns we would travel to get to where we are today, some 15 years later. We expanded from only one irrigation crew to also include hardscapes as our customers needed a reliable contractor  to construct their entry monuments and amenities. I hired our first manager aside from myself, Rob Gettig who is still with us today,  in 2005. Our primary customers were landscape companies much like our own who were  also growing and bending to meet customer needs. Shortly after, we merged with one of those landscape companies, LXL, to bring together landscape, hardscape, irrigation, and lighting services so that we could offer our customers a turn-key service by simplifying the process for them to contract and manage their landscape projects. A single point of contact saves our customers time and money, and enables us to be a better partner. From these services we expanded to include our maintenance division. My primary responsibilities are Sales and Customer Relations. It is my job to know our customers, understand their needs, and guide the business to better serve those needs all the while maintaining a competitive price, quality service, and responsive delivery. When you see our trucks you will notice that my phone number is included with the logo. I am always available to answer the calls of our customers and employees no matter what they are regarding. My biggest weakness is remembering names,… so if I refer to you as “Sweetie” just know that this means friend. It’s not that I don’t know your name, it’s just taking me a little time to retrieve it from memory. When I am not crunching numbers for estimates, you will often find me consulting with our customers to find cost savings, navigate planning and zoning requirements, enhance or develop design concepts, and resolve challenges or concerns. I have a BS in Business but life teaches you more than you could ever learn in a classroom alone. Once a project is sold, I continue to monitor progress and ultimately convey billing details to our accounting department. I work closely with Jason Barefoot, our Operations Manager, to insure proper scheduling of work, delivery of materials, and that installation goes smoothly. Our managers oversee the day to day activities of the crews managing our jobsites and provide constant communication with our customers. We maintain a very flat organizational structure to keep overhead low and to ensure I am never too far from either  the actual work being done or the employees who make all of this possible. It’s an open door policy so I encourage you to stop by and come on in. I look forward to getting to know you. Outside of work I enjoy hunting, the beach, spending time with family, and most anything that has an engine and involves the great outdoors – atvs, tractors, mowers, machines, etc.


JoEllen Smith

Administration and HR

I am responsible for administrative functions outside of daily accounting and bookkeeping. My day is filled with a variety of tasks, ranging from managing and coordinating our IT support to  Human Resources. My primary goal is to make sure the company and our employees have everything necessary to serve our customers, including:  staffing, vendor management, purchasing, contract management, tools and equipment,  and process/procedures in addition to quality and safety related items. It is my job to manage company risk and compliance. I have a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Business, having been involved with business my entire life. I spent ten years in IT with Bank of America before joining Pipeline. The most exciting parts of my job are developing our company’s strategic plans as well as leading our continuous efforts  to improve process. Our goal is to always look at not only where we are today, but also to what our customers and employees will need from us tomorrow enabling us to continuously improve our services and meet their needs. Take a moment to read the “About Us”  portion of our page and you will see that we are constantly evolving, adapting and expanding to meet industry demands. The best example of this is our company’s history. We began as an irrigation only contractor and evolved into the full service landscape provider that we are today. The most fulfilling part of my job is the people I work with. In the end, it’s all about the people – our customers, employees, community, family, and friends. Relationships are one of the most important parts of our job – putting our customers and employees first, building trust, being responsive, and taking the time to truly listen and understand needs so that we can be a true partner, not just a provider. You will find  these relationships are what set us apart and allow us to provide value beyond merely installing and maintaining your landscape products. I am well versed in all aspects of our business and have managed crews in the field, operated equipment, driven trucks, pulled trailers, laid out materials, and installed lighting and irrigation. Outside of work, my first priority is my family, especially our two teenage sons. When I am not at work, you will find me wherever they are – swim meets, soccer games, theater, and choral concerts. I enjoy watching  high school or NFL football with family and friends. I also enjoy the outdoors and a variety of activities including skiing, horseback riding, hiking, camping, kayaking, going to the beach, reading, cooking, and entertaining. We have many exciting changes in progress within the company for the upcoming year, some of which are: the new website, new vendors, new software tools, a recent move of our shop in the Raleigh market, increased employee benefits, staffing updates, additional internal training for employees, etc. We feel that this year will be one of our best years ever and look forward to working with you.


Danielle Beck

Office Manager

With over twenty years experience as a Full Charge Bookkeeper, I have experience in all facets of accounting.  I manage all Payroll, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable.  In addition, I prepare management reports and financial summaries.  I reconcile all accounts, generate W-2s and 1099s.  I am the liaison with our Accountant responsible for preparing our books for end of year and applying all depreciation and journal entries.  I have been using Quickbooks for over ten years, and have experience with everything from new startups to running multiple companies and job costing.  I manage all Purchase Order requests and Credit Applications. Additionally,  I am proficient with Microsoft Office.  Outside of my accounting responsibilities, I also manage all insurance renewals, certificates, and audits.  I administer all benefits such as health insurance, direct deposit, bonuses and incentives, vacation and sick time, holiday pay, etc.  I participate in our annual performance review process,  providing feedback regarding employee records for attendance and time-keeping.  Other tasks I am responsible for include mailings, filing, banking, and the ordering of office supplies as needed.  I have even been known to layout plant material and manage a crew when needed.  As you can tell, I am always willing to do whatever is needed to keep the company running as smoothly as possible.  As Pipeline grows, so does my career and I enjoy the challenge.  One thing I can say for sure – there is never a dull or boring day here.  Outside of work I enjoy cheering for my Georgia Bulldogs, spending time with friends and family, the beach, gardening, and baking.


Jason Barefoot

Operations and Safety Manager

As Operations Manager, I am responsible for coordinating activities and resources among our management team as well as  across the company. A little over one year ago, I relocated my family from Massachusetts to Apex, NC to expand my career here at Pipeline. I have worked in the landscaping industry for over twenty two years, and enjoy sharing my experiences as a Certified Professional Landscaper with others. I have managed projects of all sizes and types, ranging from small installations to multi-million dollar projects,  beginning with design and seeing them through installation. In my current role, days begin and end with prioritizing and scheduling our crews and equipment. It’s a fast paced environment and needs can change quickly, so while I always have a plan for the week it is constantly being tweaked to meet those needs. That is the nice thing about Pipeline:we are organized in such a way that we can quickly adapt without being confined by too stringent of a process. I am also responsible for assisting with HR activities, such as coordinating all in-person interviews, hiring, and employee exits. I coordinate the vacation and out of office schedule for our employees. I also convey all documentation from the Raleigh office to the Rock Hill office including hiring documents, timesheets, expense reports, training records, job forms, etc. Administration is a necessary part of my day to ensure that the wheels keep turning, but I spend an equal amount of time in the field monitoring our crews and jobsites. I have a passion for working with others and utilize that passion by training, supervising, and coaching our crews on productivity,efficiency, and most importantly safety. As our company’s Safety Coordinator, I regularly verify that our crews are following all company and OSHA related procedures on the jobsites as well as in our shop. I work with our Mechanic and Asset Manager, Jason Cooper, to ensure our shop and equipment are being maintained to the highest standards possible. The constant re-investment of funds by our executives into the business is reflected in our fleet. I am a liaison between our executives, accounting department, management team, and crews. I provide regular status updates on all fronts and provide another point of contact should our customers or employees need assistance. Outside of work I enjoy playing drums, spending time with my family, traveling, camping, fishing, riding dirt bikes and atvs, and watching my son play sports.


Rob Gettig

Hardscapes / Irrigation and Lighting / Landscape Installation Manager

I have been building hardscapes for over 35 years.  I have worked everywhere from the mansions of Newport, RI to the mansions of West Palm Beach, FL. I have built pretty much everything from showers to high rises.  I have worked with all types of materials – brick, block, cultured and natural stone, marble, tile, etc. I have held every position from digging footers to management.  I joined Pipeline in 2005 as their first Mason. At that time the company was expanding from only installing irrigation to installing hardscapes. We expanded from six employees to twelve, and my career here has unfolded as the company has become the full service landscape provider that it is today. Around town there aren’t many places you can go without seeing our work.  We have worked for many of the leading home builders in the RTP.  Outside of the RTP we have completed residential, commercial, and government projects throughout North and South Carolina.  We install irrigation, lighting, landscaping, and hardscapes to provide a turn-key, one stop shop.  I work with our customers to acquire permits for their hardscapes and irrigation projects. I also provide knowledge regarding local zoning codes and requirements, and assist customers along the way from design thru final inspection.  We add value to our projects by knowing how to work within the bounds set by local governments while  achieving the results desired by our customers.   As the company has grown I have expanded my knowledge from hardscapes to irrigation,lighting, and landscape.  I often manage projects that involve all of these components; acting as the single point of contact for our customers,helping them reduce the need to manage multiple vendors, and helping them gain efficiencies in the projects.  Time flies when you’re having fun!  At 54 years young, I am as excited as ever to be a part of the continued growth here at Pipeline.  Outside of work I enjoy a good joke, spending time with my wife and dog, working around the house and yard, cooking and relaxing.


Randy Dearr

Landscape Installation Manager / Landscape Design

I’m a California boy who migrated east after high school to attend Elon College,  later moving to NC State where I studied Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. While in school at NC State I worked with a local nursery where I was able to experience a variety of plant material, especially those native to the South East Region, and learned how to properly care for each species. This included lighting and soil requirements, potting, planting, watering, feeding, growing, pruning, and treating pests and diseases. Coupling this knowledge with my design coursework allows me to draw designs to meet the needs of each project or area, from shaded or wet areas to drought and pest tolerant, making the survivability much greater than most landscape designs today. I enjoy the creativity and beautification my designs bring to a project. As my career has grown over the past  35 years, my skills have expanded from nursery management and design to meeting with clients and estimating. I have managed the installation of many projects but some of the most notable are those I managed for Duke University, including the French Science Building, Bryan Center Plaza, Duke Law School, and renovations at the Duke Gardens: main pedestrian entrance, south lawn, Memorial Garden, Terraces, Terrace overlook, and more. These projects range in size from small to multi-million dollar, and come with letters of recommendation from Duke University’s Campus Landscape Architect and Executive Director. Not only can I design and manage but I can also operate all the necessary equipment to assist my crew in the installation, if needed. Landscape construction is what I enjoy both at work and at home. My family is my pride and joy – everything I do, I do for them.


Chris Kucker

Landscape Installation Manager / Site Development

My passion is landscaping your home or project. I started out as a foreman installing custom landscape projects for single family homes in New Jersey.Working in the field allowed me to understand how important getting it right from the ground up is, and how the finished product can turn an ordinary home into something extraordinary. I hold certifications in plant identification, landscape design, turf management, concrete paver installation, and low voltage lighting. I have over twenty-five years of experience managing the installation of landscapes from the most basic to the most elaborate outdoor spaces you can imagine. While I have worked for the area’s leading landscape contractors, I have worked with Pipeline for more than ten years and believe that we have the best team in the market to meet your needs, from design to maintenance, in a timely and cost effective manner. Outside of work, I enjoy the outdoors,camping, fishing, and spending time with my family.


Jason Cooper

Site Amenities / Asset Manager / Mechanic

I consider myself a jack of all trades and can do almost anything that involves working with your hands. I worked with flooring for four years prior to moving from Colorado to Raleigh and joining Pipeline. I have experience with tile, wood flooring, and carpets. In addition, I enjoy woodworking and carpentry. I can handle most plumbing, electrical, or other handy-man projects. So how does this relate to Landscaping? It doesn’t. But these skills do allow me to build arbors, trellises, assemble and install site furnishings, assist with irrigation, lighting, and manage our shop / yard with ease. I have always worked on my own stuff so the role of Mechanic came naturally as well. When I happened into the shop, new to town and looking for work,  the position Pipeline was hiring for was a Mechanic, so I became the Mechanic. My test was to install a radiator that same night, and apparently I passed. That was almost five years ago, and I am happy to say this is home and Pipeline is family. I can operate most any equipment and fix most anything from small engines, skidsteers, pickup trucks, on up to diesels. I even help out our IT  with our network and computers when needed. Needless to say I am a fast learner and good at researching issues to troubleshoot and resolve them. I assist with managing assets, managing fuel usage, opening and closing our shop, receiving deliveries, etc. I have most recently supervised the installation of several landscape projects, completing them on schedule and on budget. My goal is to hand the day-to-day management of our shop and equipment over to a soon to be Assistant Mechanic. This will allow me to spend more time managing projects in the field while continuing to oversee and assist with all major repairs. While managing projects, I hope to expand our crews knowledge of the equipment we use and improve efficiencies in our operations. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with friends and family, cookouts, hunting, and working on home improvement projects.


Steven Seay

Maintenance Division Manager

I began my Landscape career in 2006, working as a member of a landscape installation and maintenance crew for a small company in Sandford, NC. Being part of a small company allowed me to wear many hats while completing a project. One day I may be installing irrigation or lighting and then the next I may be operating a piece of machinery or shoveling to install plants, all the while managing my crew and keeping track of their time, our materials, and how we are doing in terms of completing the project on time and within budget. This was invaluable experience that will travel with me throughout my career. In 2010 I moved to Raleigh and focused my efforts on managing. I managed multiple maintenance crews and properties where I learned that schedules and attention to detail can make or break you. I applied my knowledge of landscape, irrigation, and maintenance to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. In 2014, I again expanded my horizons and took the next step in my career to Account Manager with a larger company in the area. In this position, I was responsible for several customer accounts – quality control, tracking production, and assisting with decisions related to equipment, policies and procedures that would help both our customers and company achieve their goals. In 2015 I joined Pipeline, where I began as an Assistant Division Manager responsible for overseeing crews and also managing the chemical treatments needed at each of our properties (herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and pre-emergents) to keep them looking their best year round. I was recently promoted to Division Manager, adding the responsibilities of sales and customer relations. I enjoy the variety in my day and the people I work with and look forward to continued growth in my career with Pipeline. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and playing music.